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June 6, 2012
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Onyxia - Puny Mortals... by ILuvOden Onyxia - Puny Mortals... by ILuvOden
Please Comment! How can i get better at art if people don't tell me how to improve!?!?! D:

and lol i just realized her arm spike things are too bright... this is why i shouldn't finish up art at midnight i guess xD
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaay finished! Took ages to get her color right, and it's still not completely correct >n< Some artist errors that i didn't catch until the end, mainly just small frills... but it is still 20 times better then my first Onyxia digital art xD

Ony is my favorite of Deathwing's children, and she is way easier to draw then Nelfarion or w/e his name is...(not going to look it up because i'm to tired...) however her brother is still going to be the next WoW dragon i do, followed by Deathchin himself xD

WoW/Onyxia (c) Blizzard
Art (c) Me
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BirdGRico Feb 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Okay, since you asked :3

I think it's a good picture. However, you could do a few things for improvement :)

First, I'm not quite sure, but next time you open a document in .. Photoshop or what ever program you use, choose a higher resolution of the image. Or make it larger like 120 x 100 cm in size. I say that because your picture looks pixely. :3
So, second: I would have given the dragon a glow in its eyes. (If you are using Photoshop, try messing around with a tool named "dodge" - and the one that does the opposite: the burn tool
It's a lot of fun using them because often you get effects you hadn't expected. :3)
For the rest, maybe you could have given a bit more detail to the bride neck - it seems to disappear into the background.

So, I hope this helps you and doesn't make you think your drawing is bad. Cuz that is not what I meant. :D
ILuvOden Feb 11, 2013  Student General Artist
lol yeah the quality in this one sucks. I use Gimp, and still haven't mastered how to post art without the quality going down the drain. I've somewhat gotten better(if you check some of my more recent digital art you can tell) but i still haven't gotten the hang of using the different effects and even the newer ones lose quality.

Thanks for commenting! I'll strive to get better! :D
BirdGRico Feb 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Nice, I like the pose. Though I feel like you made the whole thing too.. Smokey? I guess. It's still cool and I really like it but you kinda covered up some of that awesomeness behind a screen. I can tell that some parts are meant to be more hidden than others but still. Good job though, as always I love your dragons :3
ILuvOden Jul 4, 2012  Student General Artist
lol thanks xD I made a mistake on her back side that i couldn't fix, so the reason it's over done is because i became embarrassed of that error and used smoke to cover it up >x<
Haha, ok, I figured there was a reason.
OkamiJake Jun 7, 2012  Student General Artist
more dots 8D love ony owo
Hey Tal, Sorry I' just saying things are cool or awesome ALL THE TIME so I'm gunna try and do a good comment.............................................................................

Nhe! cant think of anything ewe
ILuvOden Jun 8, 2012  Student General Artist
don't worry, i have the same issue only with replys... i always say Thank you and after a while i end up sounding like a robot -x-
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